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Japan Times
Jul 26, 2021
The stablecoin illusion
Stablecoin stability is an illusion. They are unlikely to replace Federal Reserve money, revolutionize finance or realize the dreams of their libertarian enthusiasts.
Japan Times
Feb 17, 2019
Half of Japan's regional banks to back Mizuho Bank's new cashless payment system
Japan aims to double digital payments so they account for 40 percent of all financial transactions by 2025.
Japan Times
Sep 25, 2018
Mother arrested after keeping stillborn baby's body in Tokyo coin locker for years
Police found the decaying body of an infant wrapped in a plastic bag in a baggage locker near Uguisudani Station in the capital's Taito Ward.
Japan Times
Feb 3, 2018
Scrutiny on initial coin offerings rises in wake of Coincheck theft
Crime involving cryptocurrencies appears to be on the rise at a time when the total number of reported crimes in Japan is falling.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Film / Wide Angle
Sep 7, 2017
Mizuko Yamaoka takes a different approach in documentary about people with disabilities
Disability presents different challenges for everyone but wheelchair users share a common dilemma: Their mode of locomotion stands out, while they often struggle with social isolation. That was my takeaway from "The Lost Coin," a 2016 short by Mizuko Yamaoka, a filmmaker who has been using a wheelchair...
Japan Times
Apr 25, 2014
Collector coins to fete shinkansen
Japan will mint silver ¥1,000 commemorative coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the shinkansen, the Finance Ministry said Friday.
Japan Times
Dec 26, 2013
Offerings a mixed blessing for shrine
Offerings are a problem for Itsukushima Shrine, a popular tourist spot in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Instead of throwing coins into an offertory box, visitors push them into cracks in its torii, causing damage.


Akiko Trush says her experience with the neurological disorder dystonia left her feeling like she wanted to chop her own hand off.
The neurological disorder that 'kills culture'