Jun 1, 2017

Amended privacy protection law

Efforts must be made to ensure that tightened rules on the handling of personal data does not deter the disclosure or flow of necessary information in the name of privacy protection.

Japan's planes, trains, ships harnessing big data

Feb 6, 2017

Japan's planes, trains, ships harnessing big data

Transportation firms are tapping into big data to improve the safety of their services, with the collection of information hoped to detect mechanical problems before they occur. In other industries, big data have begun to play a larger role in understanding consumer tastes or even ...

/ Jun 9, 2015

Japan manufacturers lagging in use of IT, report says

Japan's manufacturing sector is lagging behind other countries in utilizing information technology, according to an annual government report that called for improvements. The report, released Tuesday, also urged the industry, which accounts for some 20 percent of the country's gross domestic product, to take the ...

Aug 27, 2014

Agency plans big data survey to gauge foreign tourists' needs

The Japan Tourism Agency plans to use big data to conduct a survey on foreign tourists' behavior so that local governments and tourism industries can develop tours and events that meet their needs, NHK reported Wednesday. For foreign visitors who agreed to cooperate, the agency ...