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Japan Times
Oct 19, 2021
Dollars and sense: The art of valuing art
Economists argue the most important feature in the new art investment environment is low inflation: It means that there is more expected value in future returns.
Japan Times
Jun 10, 2020
Artist Banksy offers his take on toppled statue of English slave trader
The toppling of a statue of a 17th century slave trader in the English port city of Bristol was hailed by some as a long-overdue reckoning with Britain's imperalist past and denounced by others as a criminal act.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Entertainment news
Dec 11, 2019
Homeless Santa? Banksy reindeer mural goes viral amid rough sleeping crisis
A mural by anonymous British street artist Banksy depicting a homeless man being pulled by two reindeer has gone viral on social media, as the number of homeless deaths in the country hit a new high last year.
Japan Times
Nov 25, 2019
Possible Banksy artwork of umbrella-toting rat displayed at Hinode Pier in Tokyo
An artwork possibly by anonymous street artist Banksy was put on display Monday at a Tokyo pier near where it was found late last year, following requests from residents.
Japan Times
Apr 19, 2019
Potential Banksy, now in storage, to be displayed at Tokyo City Hall
A piece of street art discovered in January that some attribute to Banksy is to be shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building starting next week, Gov. Yuriko Koike said Friday.
Japan Times
Jan 24, 2019
Banksy-like work found in Chiba, following similar discovery in Tokyo
Graffiti on a seawall in Chiba Prefecture resembling the work of Banksy has sparked speculation over whether it is a piece by the elusive street artist, and it comes about a month after another possible work by the painter and activist was found in the nation's capital.
Japan Times
Oct 9, 2018
Why Banksy's art stunt is economic genius
His shredding trick demonstrates the street artist's talent for exploring the ways in which people value art.
Japan Times
Mar 23, 2016
'Banksy Does New York' and throws shade on the art world in the process
Who is Banksy? The U.K.'s best-known-yet-unknown street artist/conceptual prankster was in the news again this month after researchers at Queen Mary University of London analyzed maps of Banksy's wall works in London and Bristol to pinpoint a possible suspect. Excited headlines shouted as though Batman's...
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
May 28, 2013
281_Anti Nuke's anger at authority is at a critical mass
More than two years after the triple reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, hundreds of thousands of residents of the Tohoku region of northeastern Honshu remain displaced, the power station teeters on the brink of further disaster and large swaths of northern Japan are so irradiated...


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
The evolving nature of fatherhood in Japan