National Dec 16, 2016

Japan's oldest man, Masamitsu Yoshida, dies at 112

The oldest man in the nation, Masamitsu Yoshida, has died at the ripe old age of 112, the welfare ministry announced. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry was informed of the Ota Ward resident's death on Oct. 29 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Wednesday, ...

National Sep 9, 2015

Japan ranks eighth in global survey on well-being of elderly

Japan was rated eighth in a global ranking of the social and economic well-being of elderly people in a survey released Wednesday. It lagged Switzerland, which topped the list, and a number of other European countries and Canada. However, it came first in the health category ...

Japan now home to world's oldest man and woman

National Jun 10, 2014

Japan now home to world's oldest man and woman

The world's oldest man died at the age of 111 in New York on Sunday, leaving a Japanese man, also aged 111, as the world's oldest. The death of Alexander Imich, a retired chemist and parapsychologist, was reported Monday. Imich was born on Feb. 4, ...

Voices | OVERHEARD Feb 8, 2014

Age-old dilemma

American woman: I'm so old. I feel like staying in Japan is making me miss out on other things in my life. French man: How old are you? American woman: Twenty-eight. — Yamanote Line near Gotanda Station, Tokyo. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday