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Japan Times
May 12, 2014
After ASIJ admission that teacher abused kids, ex-students demand inquiry
Alumni from the American School in Japan are demanding an independent inquiry into whether school officials covered up knowledge of sexual abuse committed by teacher Jack Moyer.
May 10, 2014
Japan's orphans need foster care
Japan's tendency to place orphans and abused children into institutions instead of finding them foster homes too often leaves them open to mistreatment and socially scarred.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
May 7, 2014
U.S. to send team in response to Nigeria schoolgirls' mass kidnapping
The United States has offered to send an American team of experts to Nigeria to support the government's response to the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls by an Islamist militant group, President Barack Obama's administration said on Tuesday.
May 1, 2014
Japan's orphans neglected: HRW
Japan's habit of shunting orphans and abused children to child-care institutions instead of foster parents has left thousands susceptible to mistreatment, Human Rights Watch warns.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Apr 28, 2014
Baby sitter in dead toddler case to face child porn charges
The Saitama baby sitter arrested over the death of a child in his care is served a fresh warrant on suspicion of producing child pornography.
Japan Times
WORLD / Society
Apr 12, 2014
Pope asks forgiveness for 'evil' of child abuse by priests
Pope Francis on Friday made his first public plea for forgiveness for the "evil" committed by priests who molested children, using some of his strongest words yet on the Roman Catholic Church's crisis over sexual abuse.
Apr 4, 2014
Foreign trainee program given OK for expansion
Japan decides to expand the abuse-tainted foreign trainee program in light of a labor shortage threatening construction projects for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Mar 20, 2014
ASIJ admits honored teacher sexually abused students
The American School in Japan reveals that teacher Jack Moyer, a renowned marine biologist, sexually abused students while employed by the institution between 1963 and 2000.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 19, 2014
Baby sitter in Saitama used fake name: mom
The 26-year-old baby sitter from Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture, under arrest for allegedly abandoning the body of a 2-year-old boy who had been in his care, had offered his services under a fictitious name, police said Wednesday.
Japan Times
Mar 18, 2014
Long road to hold Kim, North Korea liable for crimes
Western and Asian powers will begin pressing this week for North Korea to be held liable for crimes against humanity documented in a United Nations report, but concede that their chances of influencing the isolated country are slim.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Mar 17, 2014
Boy found dead in sitter's apartment
Police have decided to arrest a babysitter in connection with the death of a boy whose body was found Monday morning in an apartment building unit  in Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture.
Mar 6, 2014
Reports of child abuse up 20-fold in decade
Police say abuse cases involving a record 21,603 children were reported to child consultation centers last year, up 31.8 percent from a year earlier and marking a 20-fold increase over a decade.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Dec 13, 2013
Child porn found on computer of senator's fired chief of staff
Federal investigators found hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaging in sexually explicit conduct on a computer hard drive recovered from the home of the former chief of staff to Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, according to court documents filed Thursday.
Nov 11, 2013
1,500 disabled Japanese abused in half-year period
A total of 1,505 disabled people were reported to have been abused by family members or care workers between October 2012 and March this year, according to the first nationwide survey by the health ministry on abuse of the disabled.
Japan Times
Nov 4, 2013
No safe country for foreign women: the debate
Holly Lanasolyluna's article published Oct. 23 attracted an unprecedented number of online comments. More than 5,000 people also answered the accompanying poll about safety in Japan. Here are just some of the mails and comments.
Japan Times
Oct 23, 2013
Japan: no safe country for foreign women
When I first moved to Japan, I tolerated the staring, following and the persistent pickup artists, but after being assaulted twice in public, they have taken on darker undertones.
Japan Times
Oct 23, 2013
Tokyo: Do you feel safe while out and about in Japan?
Women in the capital give their views on the safety — or otherwise — of Japan's streets.
Sep 26, 2013
No jail for hoops coach who triggered suicide in Osaka
The Osaka District Court finds a former high school teacher guilty of assaulting a student who committed suicide but gives him a suspended sentence.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal / FOCUS
Sep 26, 2013
Wealthy guru's arrest on teen sex assault charges divides India
Men lay prostrate on the floor in front of the elevated seat of their guru: the man they call Asaram Bapu. Pictures of his avuncular face, with its flowing white beard, hang everywhere in his sprawling 12-hectare ashram in Motera, western India.
Japan Times
Sep 14, 2013
Japanese media declare 'dark times' are on us
Being good has never been easy. And it's not getting easier — unlike many things in this age of mass technological empowerment. If it were, presumably, there would be more good and less evil — unless evil is more attractive?


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