The California Department of Public Health gave baseball teams and fans cause for spring fever Friday when it announced that spectators can return to the state's baseball stadiums in gradually increasing numbers starting on opening day as the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Since the state's five MLB teams all reside in different counties, their numbers will differ based on the guidelines and current coronavirus statistics, but the San Francisco Giants are targeted be the first of the teams permitted to invite thousands of fans, and even sell hot dogs and beer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Giants' home opener is not until April 9, and San Francisco County and Gov. Gavin Newsom said it is already close to the benchmarks necessary to reopen the stadium to 20% capacity, which for the Giants would mean about 8,300 fans. As a county's coronavirus statistics hit various criteria, teams will be allowed to fill 20% of their stadium's capacity, then 33%, and 67% through the summer.