Memphis is a slow-moving city along the Mississippi River that dissects the United States. It is probably best known for its most famous modern resident, rock and roll icon Elvis Presley, whose Graceland mansion remains a major American tourist destination 40 years after his death.

It is a somewhat surprising location for a major American team sports franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies being the only big professional sports franchise in the city after relocating from Vancouver, Canada, in 2001.

After a shaky beginning, the Grizzlies with Pau Gasol become a marginal contender, if not a playoff success. Pau eventually forced his way out to the Los Angeles Lakers and two NBA titles. But the Grizzlies cleverly recovered with Pau's brother, Marc, from that same trade, some shrewd personnel moves and a so called grit 'n grind style of slow, physical play that entranced the local, blue collar, hard-working community and engendered a nice seven-year run. It peaked with a conference finals loss in 2013, which when one stands back is pretty good.