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Onosho upset Harumafuji in his first match against a yokozuna on Thursday, becoming the only wrestler with a perfect 5-0 record at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

The 21-year-old No. 3 maegashira dodged the yokozuna’s forceful shoves and got him off balance before slapping him down into a forward somersault on the raised dohyo ring on the fifth day of the 15-day tourney at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

“I wanted to tackle the match with courage but without being too worked up, and I was able to do that,” Onosho said.

Onosho, who on Wednesday beat Terunofuji in his first meeting with an ozeki, handed Harumafuji (2-3), the lone yokozuna competing at this meet, his third straight loss.

Four other wrestlers who began the day with 4-0 records — top maegashira and former ozeki Kotoshogiku, No. 3 maegashira Chiyotairyu, ninth-ranked maegashira Takanoiwa and No. 11 maegashira Daieisho — lost their respective bouts.

Chiyotairyu fell to Goeido, who needs eight wins to keep his ozeki status and who improved his record to 4-1 to sit in a seven-way tie one win behind Onosho. Goeido and Onosho are set to meet for the first time Friday.

Terunofuji (1-4), another ozeki looking for a winning record to remain in sumo’s second-highest rank, lost to No. 4 maegashira Shohozan (3-2) and walked off appearing in pain in his left knee.

The 35-year-old Yoshikaze (1-4), who returned to the third-highest sekiwake rank for the first time since the Spring tourney in March last year, shoved out second-ranked maegashira Hokutofuji (3-2), who had defeated Harumafuji on Wednesday.

The other sekiwake Mitakeumi (2-3) edged out winless top-ranked maegashira Tochinoshin.

In a battle of two komusubi that saw one false start, Tochiozan picked up his first win of the tourney as he watched Mongolian Tamawashi (2-3) slip and fall amid an exchange of thrusts and throwing attempts.

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