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Flyers chairman Snider criticizes Olympic break


Steve Mason and the Philadelphia Flyers are playing their best hockey of the season heading into the NHL’s Olympic break.

It’s a break team chairman Ed Snider would love to abolish.

In the Flyers’ 3-1 win on Thursday over the Colorado Avalanche, Mason was only 2:50 away from his fourth shutout of the season, and third in five games.

Mason, who signed a three-year extension last month, has been the key reason the Flyers have been able to hang around in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

With one game left before the break, the Flyers’ recent spurt could stall because of the Olympics.

“I hate them,” said Snider, the Flyers founder.

He added: “It’s ridiculous, the whole thing is ridiculous. I don’t care if it was in Philadelphia, I wouldn’t want to break up the league. I think it’s ridiculous to take three weeks off, or however long it is, in the middle of the season. It screws up everything. . . . No other league does it, why should we? There’s no benefit to us whatsoever. If anything, I can only see negatives.”