Ex-yokozuna Taiho to receive special honor posthumously


The government decided Tuesday to give the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star to former yokozuna Taiho, who died on Jan. 19 at the age of 72.

The sumo legend, whose real name was Koki Naya, won a record 32 tournaments, the most in sumo history.

  • easylivin

    They should have given him ‘Kokumin Eiyou Shou’. What is wrong with them? The same as spending trillions of yen on public works projects in thinking that would bolster the economy instead of cutting tax rates to let the free market reinvigorate itself. Typical myopic mentality.

  • onepaperkid

    Long overdue. Taiho was certainly the greatest sekitori in the hostory of Sumo. When judging sekitori over the years, since the 1700s, one must remember that it was not until the modern era that there were six tournaments of 15 days each every year. Nor were there the number of members in Sumo. The competition was far greater in Taiho’s era. Not only that, but Taiho was “Sumo” through and through. He not only won the record 32 tournaments, he embodied the spirit of Sumo, through and through. Some of our “man-nen-ozekis should remember that. Taiho was my hero. A great human being. We have lost a treasure.

    • DA

      There were not as many members of sumo but the competition was far greater? Somehow that math doesn’t add up… But I agree with you that it was a huge feat of Taiho to reach 32 wins with only four basho a year, and he truly deserves this honor.

  • lkmohri

    Taiho did not wrestle in the years where there were only 4 basho per year. That does not detract from his accomplishments. However, when Futabayama won his 12 tournaments most were done when there were only 2 per year.