Tokitsuumi replaces fired elder

Kyodo News

Makuuchi division wrestler Tokitsuumi took over from his dismissed sumo elder on Tuesday to run the Tokitsukaze stable.

The Japan Sumo Association accepted a resignation offer submitted by Tokitsuumi, 33, earlier in the day while approving a change in his status to elder Tokitsukaze and his succession of the Tokitsukaze stable.

The move came four days after the former sumo elder Tokitsukaze was fired by the JSA for his alleged involvement in the hazing that led to the death of a 17-year-old wrestler at his stable in June.

“It’s true that I’m regretful about ending my wrestling career but I realize I have to put my focus on the role I’ve just been given,” said the new stablemaster, who finished the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament last month with a 5-10 record as a seventh-ranked maegashira.

“Our stable has young wrestlers, so I’ll do my utmost to supervise them during training and also outside the ‘dohyo’ ring in order not to repeat such an incident,” he said.