Asashoryu leads 12-pack at 3-0

Kyodo News

Mongolian grand champion Asashoryu overpowered Kisenosato while ozeki compatriot Hakuho gave Tamanoshima a sumo clinic, maintaining their unbeaten records on the third day of action at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday.

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In the day’s final bout at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, Asashoryu appeared to vent all his anger out on the No. 3 maegashira, who went through the paces in the pre-bout ritual marking his own time without respect to the yokozuna.

When the match began, Asashoryu made Kisenosato pay with a body-slam to send him off-balance before blasting his opponent over the ridge with a flurry of hard slaps.

Asashoryu is seeking his first championship title in two meets and is in “Terminator” mode after losing to Hakuho in a playoff in March, while the ozeki hopes to gain promotion to sumo’s ultimate rank with a third overall title victory.

Hakuho, meanwhile, was slightly off his timing, standing up once before the faceoff, but regained control during the match before deploying a powerful arm-lock maneuver to toss the No. 2 maegashira to the dirt. Tamanoshima fell to 0-3.

There were no surprises with all of the ozeki wrestlers winning their bouts to remain perfect, leaving 12 rikishi tied for the lead in the early going at 3-0.

Bulgarian ozeki Kotooshu got both hands wrapped around Tochiozan (1-2), swiftly moving in to heave the No. 4 maegashira over the straw bales to stay perfect.

Demotion-threatened ozeki Chiyotaikai (3-0) steamrolled over winless Kotoshogiku, sending the komusubi flailing over the ridge in a matter of seconds to move a step closer to the eight wins necessary to maintain his rank.