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The Cave de Oyster


The Cave de Oyster recently opened in Tokyo Station's massive labyrinthine shopping and food area spreading beneath the station.

Run by Humanweb Inc., a leading oyster restaurant operator in Japan that is looking to expand the Western oyster bar culture in Japan, the restaurant debuted its innovative concept on Nov. 19. In a fusion of typical Western-style oyster bars, Cave de Oyster brings Japanese twists to its dishes.

To ensure the cleanliness of its oysters, Humanweb established its own oyster cleaning center in Hiroshima Prefecture. The company not only publishes its test results but also came up with an original way of cleaning oysters using deep ocean water that is said to be the best way to clean oysters.

Customers can enjoy the exclusive oysters in a variety of ways, with the signature dish being a dozen fresh raw oysters served in a Japanese tiered food box (¥5,371~). The pickled oyster carpaccio served with wasabi and yam (¥1,204~) is also recommended.

To best accommodate a variety of travelers moving through the station, four types of seating will be available, including relaxing table seats, a counter from which diners can see the chefs cooking and a casual standing area where guests can mingle.

In the middle of the space, there is a wine dispenser that allows guests to use a pre-paid card to choose from about 40 varieties of wine, including vintage bottles, Champagne and chablis that perfectly complement the oysters.