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Premium Pound Kamiyacho


[Sponsored] For meat lovers who want to enjoy a delectable collaboration of dry-aged Kobe beef and French cuisine, Premium Pound Kamiyacho is definitely the place to go.

The chef pairs an extensive knowledge of French cooking and Kobe beef in a variety of delicious courses priced from ¥15,000 to ¥25,000, with dinner courses featuring six dishes where diners can choose different cuts of Kobe beef.

The lunch menu favorite of a charcoal-grilled hamburger steak made with Kobe beef or stewed wagyu (priced at an average of ¥2,500) is an attractive treat for diners craving a hearty lunch.

To produce its delicious meat dishes, the restaurant takes already succulent, beautifully marbled wagyu and enhances the depth of flavor by dry-aging the meat for over 45 days under strictly monitored conditions where the temperature and humidity around the beef are carefully controlled.

The owner, who first came across dry-aged beef in the U.S., wanted to offer dry-aged beef using wagyu in Japan, and perfected his dry-aging technique through trial and error.

The sweet aroma of dry-aged beef offered at the restaurant will leave diners with an unforgettable dining experience.

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