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Pound is a highly acclaimed Kyoto steakhouse popular for its exclusive Japanese aged beef. The restaurant opened its first branch in Tokyo in the heart of Ginza.

The restaurant offers aged wagyu that is bred especially for its restaurants on the Hiramatsu Ranch in Kagoshima Prefecture. The beef is dry aged for 45 days, carefully monitored by an aging master who controls the humidity, temperature and air reaching the beef. Through the aging process, the beef becomes tender and savory. To give customers the opportunity to best enjoy the succulent flavor, the restaurant prepares it "black and blue," a method of cooking the steak very quickly at extremely high heat, leaving the surface seared crispy and the inside remaining juicy and rare. The steak's rich flavor and aroma is sure to delight diners' palates.

Pound also offers a selection of exclusive wines and other dishes that perfectly enhance the beef, allowing diners to enjoy the fullest flavors. Bone-in rib roast beef is available for ¥8,800 for 1.5 pounds.

Its entrance offers a stylish American atmosphere, while the dining room is designed in the style of a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

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