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Il Boccalone


Located just three minutes from Ebisu station, Il Boccalone is a well-established Italian restaurant that has been providing authentic traditional Italian cuisine since 1989.

The staff greets diners entering the restaurant with warm greetings, while the Italian-themed decor transports them straight to Italy.

Il Boccalone’s dishes are renowned for plentiful portions and gusto della madre (taste of mother’s home cooking). Its nostalgic flavors attract people from all over the world and the restaurant is a favorite among Italians.

Il Boccalone was one of the first restaurants in Japan to offer T-bone steak trattoria-style after installing a brick oven. Since then, the T-bone has become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Succulent and juicy, the perfectly seasoned steak is a treat for the palate.

The menu at Il Boccalone features a variety of authentic Italian favorites such as parmigiano risotto that is served directly from a wheel of parmigiano cheese the restaurant imports every week from Italy, ricotta cheese pie and porcini mushrooms, carpaccio of beef tenderloin and several delicious pasta options. The wine menu boasts a large assortment from all over Italy, ranging from popular to “Super Toscana” wines. The average dinner runs from ¥8,000 to ¥10,000.