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& Style Restaurant


Perfectly fitting the bill is & Style Restaurant, an Italian restaurant in Tokyo’s Tenoha Daikanyama complex, which also includes a coffee shop, boutique, cafe, market and coworking space. Strings of lights, cobblestones, and well-appointed greenery give the complex a festive feel right from the moment you enter its open courtyard. I have to confess, though, my favorite aspect of this restaurant is the ample space, with enough room between tables to easily maneuver a stroller. To test the establishment’s kid-friendliness, we opted for dinner time, when children are at their least predictable and at their lowest or highest energy levels, depending on the child and the day. We lucked out with our 3- and 4-year-old, who were in a fabulous mood that day, and managed to be seated at a table in the back of the restaurant with minimal fuss. The modern interior is dimly lit in the evening with candles at every table, which we moved to a strategic location out of the reach of curious little hands.