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Karin (ANA InterContinetal Tokyo)


Tasting Karin’s renowned cold Chinese noodles is the ideal way to beat the summer heat at ANA InterContinental Tokyo’s premier Cantonese 

Served through Aug. 31 these delicious cold soba noodles are available for ¥2,400 (tax excluded) and are a limited summer item loved by customers for the last 29 years.

Diners may choose from 13 different toppings such as king crab, tiger shrimp, char siu barbecued pork or Malabar spinach and a choice of either sesame or soy sauce.

Another refreshing summer special is the cold tantanmen (Szechuan dan dan spicy soup noodles) for ¥2,600 (tax excluded). It has a perfect balance of sesame, vinegar and soy milk with the characteristic spiciness of Szechuan broad bean chili paste.

The secret to the exquisite taste of the noodles is the combination of sumptuous ingredients and the talent of the restaurant’s experienced chefs in the meticulous preparation.

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