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Yoshino Sushi

Review excerpt: Hako sushi features prominently on the menu at Yoshino Sushi, but there are alternatives. No bite-size sushi came with my Mushizushisen set lunch (¥3,000), a seasonal option that is only offered in winter. Instead, the meal’s centerpiece — the mushizushi — was a bowl of steamed rice topped with bright yellow threads of sweetened omelet. Lunch opened with an exquisite barracuda carpaccio. Chef Daisuke Sakaue first gave the petit fillets a quick flame-grilling before adding spinach and persimmon to the mix and coating them in konbu (kelp) jelly. Barracuda, a meaty fish I don’t come across often in Japan, was an excellent match with the briny spinach, sweet persimmon and kelp marinade — and it looked stunning.

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