Editorials Aug 20, 2019

Japan's falling food self-sufficiency

The government needs to review whether food self-sufficiency should be maintained as a key yardstick in its agriculture policy — and if so, what should be the practical level necessary to secure the nation's food supply.

Editorials Aug 17, 2019

Real cost of scrapping reactors

Tepco's recent decision to decommission its Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant highlights one of the big challenges for both the power industry and the government — which has pushed for nuclear power as a matter of state policy — in the wake of ...

Editorials Aug 13, 2019

President Trump, we are confused

U.S. President Donald Trump must convince Japan and the world that he will not accept a nuclear-armed North Korea and that he remains committed to its allies in this part of the world.

Editorials Aug 11, 2019

Keep looking for ways to fight piracy websites

Government measures to crack down on online piracy of manga and anime content have failed to move forward after a series of plans and ideas discussed since last year by a panel of experts at the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry and the Cultural ...