The editorial “Response to child abuse long overdue” in the Feb. 11 edition led me to ponder the safety of children.

Each one of us human beings sadly has a brutal and violent nature within. Therefore, we must be wise and strong enough not to be enslaved by these characteristics, in particular when we bring up our children. We must keep our emotions under control. And a lot of patience is needed.

Protecting, loving and helping children grow is the biggest responsibility of us adults. Parents need to discipline children, yet it must be done with love. Children grow watching their parents.

Making laws to protect children is important and necessary, yet more importantly we must make every effort to put the laws into meaningful action and reality.

Children are very delicate psychological beings. They misbehave sometimes to get the attention of parents. First and foremost they cannot grow without the love of their parents. Warm, caring support from family members, friends, teachers, neighbors and caregivers help them grow.

And praising children is important for their growth, so we must be vigilant when we try to teach them through scolding.

Children are lovely angels and small kings and queens who will create our future world. Nobody should harm them amid their limitless possibilities. “Every child has the inherent right to life” — U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 6.


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