At the start of the article “Trump’s quip on Akie Abe’s English skills causes stir” in the July 22 edition, the reporter wrote “U.S. President Donald Trump is a man of controversy and nobody would be surprised if he caused another one.” I can’t agree more with this sentence. He has provided so many subjects for us to talk about, dispute and even laugh at.

I think the report in The Japan Times was professional because it tried to illustrate the fact neutrally and objectively. But some media, including prominent American newspapers, frequently publish sarcastic reports about anything having to do with Trump. Such articles are popular among the legions of Trump haters. In a sense, it has become a kind of worldwide fashion to criticize Trump. Prodigious amounts of people are reveling in Trump-bashing.

Of course, we can condemn Trump, particularly for his inappropriate words and deeds. But condemnation for the sake of condemnation may just end up just being fun for onlookers. It’s not productive for the harsh conditions that the entire international community is facing. Scoffing at Trump won’t make our world better.


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