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Time for Olympic fiascoes to end

Regarding “Contested Olympic logo is scrapped” in the Sept. 2 edition, this shows again the lousy job being done by the bidding and organizing committees.

It all started at the time of the bidding campaign to host the 2020 Olympics. In their presentation, the Japanese delegates said the situation at the disaster-hit nuclear plant in Fukushima is under control. However, reports of contaminated water leaking into the land and ocean keep coming up. Tons of contaminated material seem to have nowhere to go. Sloppy planning and budget management for construction of Olympic facilities, including the main stadium, came to be known only after a considerable amount of tax money had already been spent. Now we are messing up on the official emblem, and the list may continue to grow.

A profit-driven Olympics built on lies and false pretenses is disrespectful to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear-disaster victims who are still in need and athletes who are committed to give their best at the games.

The poor performance shown by the organizing committee and related parties so far is too much to tolerate.


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