In defense of the human approach

The article “Humanities under attack” in the Aug. 24 edition made me ponder several things.

Recently I spent 12 days in a hospital. Not only the top skills but also the warm communications of doctors (and great support from nurses, of course) helped me quickly return to a normal life.

I learned there that the concept of hospital education is to nurture excellent physicians with warm, caring hearts based on the founding spirit of “Harmony between science and humanism.”

To put it briefly, out society could use “Harmony between science and humanism.”

I hope Japan can be very strong not only in terms of science and technology, but also with fuller humanism. For that purpose, it would be advised that it shouldn’t be a matter of either science or the humanities, rather science with some humanities, and humanities with some science, computer skills in particular. This kind of balance between science and humanism should be seriously examined, I believe.


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