Dolphin Global Image


Dolphin Global Image

  • Silvia Brinzea

    This picture tells exactly what the world thinks now! Japan is allowing that some fishermen are befouling the Japanese honor! How long will the government allow this! In Berlin the German population will demonstrate soon on the streets and will scream out exactly this: How is it possible that such a country which since history lives in harmony with the nature is accepting this curelty? Japan has to wake up! Thank you Japan Times for your reports on this!

  • Kristy Messier Chan

    the truth be told.

  • Unfortunately it is true that this barbaric and needless massacre against dolphins and whales causes shame and disgust not only to Taiji than to whole Japan and its wonderful people. As dolphin meat contains mercury and is dangerous for humans it is even more incomprehensible why the Japan Government supports the horrible procedure with excuses and big money. The legitimate question is now, who are the people who benefit most of all this and make the very big money out of it, regardless of the harm done to nature and the disgrace to Japan. This massacre has to stop for good!