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In his July 19 letter, “BBC’s Olympics commentary,” Barry Andrew Ward claims that “a word of explanation is owed to foreign observers” of this year’s London Olympics vis-a-vis the commentary style of the U.K. broadcaster, BBC. Far from being “owed,” such an explanation is not even really necessary.

There are numerous widely known and completely understandable reasons underlying the Celtic people’s “deep-seated resentment and anti-English prejudices” — a large majority of them a result of the behavior of the English. … Suffice it to say that as far as I understand, all U.K. taxpayers (which currently includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as England) fund the BBC and so have the right to have their views reflected, and that the subsidization argument goes both ways.

If increasing numbers of English people look forward to Scotland’s independence, as Ward claims, this is a feeling shared by a growing number of Scots. …

Roll on 2014 and the chance for Scots to finally have a real and genuine choice to break free.

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catherine wallace

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