• Yamagata


I have to disagree strongly with the finishing sentiment of the March 18 editorial “Time for antinuclear protests.” I feel that The Japan Times’ antinuclear activism has overridden its common sense. The best tribute to those who lost their lives and livelihoods in the March 11, 2011, disaster would be to find out why such an advanced nation as Japan was unable to protect its citizens from a tsunami that could possibly have been predicted.

For all their faults, Tokyo Electric Power Co. and the power industry are not responsible for judging quake and tsunami threats to Japan, or for taking actions to protect the populace from these terrible events. I would have thought that, soon after the disaster hit, we would learn about the agencies that are supposed to guard us from these kinds of disasters — and whether mistakes were made in that job. But finding out why the disaster occurred — resulting in 20,000 deaths — seems to take second place to The Japan Times’ goal of eliminating nuclear power from Japan.

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name withheld by request

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