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Maehara should not have resigned

Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department rarely mince their words about Japan, so it was no surprise to read that they were disheartened at the abrupt resignation of Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara.

Maehara is of a rare breed. He is one of a very few able politicians in this country who keep a keen eye on foreign affairs and Japan’s standing in the world, and takes a tough stance toward the Chinese and the Russians.

He obviously broke the political donations law, but I believe that those politicians who bayed for his blood have done a great disservice to this country and, once again, have shown their utter selfishness by choosing party politics over patriotism.

Maehara should have been shown some leniency in this rather petty transgression and allowed to carry on, as he has, for the betterment of Japan and all Japanese, regardless of political persuasion. He should not have resigned and those seeking his — and Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s — downfall should look to their consciences.

Japan has lost an excellent and skillful foreign minister, and we once again stand embarrassed at the international table.

paul gaysford

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