Brad Glosserman’s March 24 article, “Japan peers into the abyss,” was interesting and well written, but the enjoyment I derived from reading it was significantly hampered by the repeated misuse of the word “Japanese.”

When the collective noun for all Japanese people is used, the term “the Japanese” is appropriate instead of just “Japanese.” When I read “Japanese” in isolation, it feels like I am reading an adjective. This becomes very frustrating when I realize that there is no accompanying noun to the adjective.

This grammatical inaccuracy is most distracting and makes it very difficult to read an otherwise well-worded and interesting article. I am half-British and half-Australian, and when I write about “the British,” “the English” or “the Australians,” I still use the article “the.” Might I suggest that The Japan Times do the same with respect to the Japanese.

michael parks