Fabio Teixeira
Soy farming has seldom been synonymous with sustainability, but more farmers in Brazil are working to regenerate depleted land instead of expanding the agricultural frontier.
ENVIRONMENT / Sustainability
Oct 5, 2023
Can Brazil's farmers grow more soy without deforestation?
Deforestation is fueling climate change impacts including harsher heat, drought and floods.
Japan Times
Apr 14, 2023
In Brazil, 'bioeconomy' initiatives offer hope of a less destructive future
Amazon forest has an economic value four times higher than if turned into cattle pasture, if benefits such as its contribution to rainfall, clean air and a stable climate are considered.
Japan Times
Jan 28, 2022
Beset by legal battles, Brazilian asbestos town eyes a safer future
The asbestos extraction firm Sama S.A., operating in the city of Minacu, is the world's third-largest chrysotile asbestos producer, shipping it to more than 150 countries.
Japan Times
Jan 5, 2022
Behind Brazil's 'green' charcoal industry, illegal deforestation and workers' misery
This year, 66 workers were found in slavery-like conditions at just one site, according to the head of the Brazil's anti-slavery authority.
Japan Times
Nov 24, 2021
U.S. soy giants Cargill and ADM linked to 'green land grabbing' case in Brazil
Through the practice, landowners can deforest a higher percentage of legitimately owned properties by counting illegally acquired land as a nature reserve.
Japan Times
Sep 7, 2021
Two years on, forest pact's 'good intentions' do little to protect Amazon
Pledges have remained largely unfulfilled, with scant evidence of up-and-running forest protection and restoration efforts as a direct result of the pact, critics say.
Japan Times
Nov 12, 2020
Indigenous leaders count on Biden to help save Amazon from 'brink of collapse'
Biden's election as the next U.S. leader, replacing climate change skeptic Donald Trump, has raised expectations that conserving the rainforest will get greater attention and priority.


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