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Catraband: Kitty smuggler caught in Auckland

Dec 22, 2016

Catraband: Kitty smuggler caught in Auckland

A cat-crazy Canadian woman who tried to smuggle her pet into New Zealand in a handbag was immediately sent home after being caught at Auckland airport, officials said Thursday, calling her attempt “very stupid.” Officials condemned the hapless bid to circumvent strict biosecurity laws ...

Dec 14, 2016

Australian word of the year is 'democracy sausage'

If you have ever struggled to decipher Australian English slang, then you may be baffled by “democracy sausage,” the word of the year Down Under. The Australian National Dictionary Centre defined it Wednesday as a sausage served on bread and bought at a polling ...

Oct 28, 2016

Taiwanese man detained over huge carrot hoard

A Taiwanese man has been detained for hoarding 300 tons of carrots in what authorities say was a bid to manipulate prices. Investigators in the southern city of Kaohsiung have been probing fruit and vegetable prices, which have remained high since back-to-back typhoons battered ...

Aug 11, 2016

Taiwan police take aim at Pokemon gamers driven to distraction

The launch of the “Pokemon Go” game in Taiwan has sparked a sharp rise in traffic violations by commuters using their smartphones to play while driving. Authorities have issued 1,210 tickets for smartphone use in traffic between last Saturday, when the game was released ...

Aug 10, 2016

Chinese man finds he is officially dead due to ID mix-up

A Chinese man applying for a certificate of no criminal record had his request denied when police told him he was dead, having been executed a decade ago for kidnapping, a report said. The man, a resident of the southern metropolis of Guangzhou surnamed ...

Cambodia PM says potbelly is hurting his golf swing

Aug 8, 2016

Cambodia PM says potbelly is hurting his golf swing

Prime Minister Hun Sen says his growing potbelly is getting in the way of his golf swing. Hun Sen, who is known for his casual comments, went off track while addressing a Facebook comment on his health. He said someone had reposted on Facebook ...

Jul 14, 2016

Australian man pleads guilty to illegal testicle removal

A man has pleaded guilty to cutting off someone’s left testicle in an Australian motel room after responding to an online advert asking for help with a sensitive medical problem. Allan George Matthews, 56, admitted “removing tissue” from the 52-year-old “without consent or authority” ...

Jun 16, 2016

Holy guacamole! Avocado desperados hit New Zealand

New Zealand avocado growers have reported a spate of thefts after rising prices caused a seasonal shortage, leaving guacamole lovers choking on their dip. Avocado prices have doubled in recent months, reaching 6 New Zealand dollars ($4.20) each in some supermarkets, prompting a number ...

Jun 14, 2016

With flag gaffe, Facebook accidentally says Philippines is at war

In what was meant to be an innocuous flag tribute for the Philippines’ Independence Day, Facebook has apologized for accidentally declaring the country is in a state of war. The social media giant greeted Filipinos with a “Happy Independence Day” on Sunday with a ...

Fish photographed inside a jellyfish

Jun 9, 2016

Fish photographed inside a jellyfish

A fish has been pictured swimming inside a jellyfish off Australia’s east coast in a remarkable and rare image that has gone viral, with more than 2 million online views. Underwater photographer Tim Samuel was in the water with a friend near the popular ...