Chinese university mocked over 'toilet building'

China has another entry when it comes to buildings that look suspiciously like something else: a 12-story university block strongly resembling a giant toilet. Architects have had a field day in China in recent years with a number of outlandish designs springing up across the country. The latest is a building on ...

Filipino wins first Elvis in Asia contest

/ Aug 20, 2017

Filipino wins first Elvis in Asia contest

More than 20 Elvis Presley impersonators shimmied, gyrated and belted out classics like "Jailhouse Rock" in Manila on Saturday at the first Elvis in Asia contest. The King of Rock 'n' Roll died 40 years ago last week and contest organizers said they aimed to ...

/ Aug 20, 2017

China cracks down on lengthy, awkward company names

"Beijing Afraid of Wife Technology" and "What You Looking at Technology" are among the kind of company names that will become a thing of the past under new Chinese government rules. After launching a campaign to eliminate public signs with poor English translations — or ...

/ Mar 12, 2017

Bra parachute wins Australia charity flying contest

An actor tethered to a homemade parachute made out of bras on Sunday flew his way to the top of a quirky Australian competition, beating other contestants dressed as a balloon horse and winged reptile. The annual charity Birdman Rally is held at Melbourne's Yarra ...