The operator of Tokyo Disneyland on Friday apologized after clips of Minnie Mouse having her skirt lifted by another character during a recent Christmas parade went viral on social media, with some harshly criticizing the gesture as sexual harassment.

A recent parade saw a reindeer lift Minnie Mouse's skirt while she was on a float at the theme park in Chiba Prefecture. Disneyland's operator, Oriental Land, declined to answer whether the move was choreographed or improvised.

"We caused some of our customers to feel uncomfortable. We apologize," Oriental Land said.

The Christmas parade is slated to be held through Dec. 25, with the operator assuring it would be carried out "appropriately."

While some people on social media expressed anger at the character's skirt being flipped and said it "set a bad example for children," others defended the move by saying the production should have the right to decide what to do with the choreography.