Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he is optimistic the country will vote in favor of changing the nation’s constitution to recognize Indigenous people, but will not move to push the issue through legislation if the government’s proposal is rejected.

Campaigning for the referendum has become increasingly divisive in recent weeks. The proposal, known as the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, would include an Indigenous advisory body to Parliament in the constitution. Major polls show Australians will vote "No” at the Oct. 14 poll, although a rare rise was recorded last week.

"I’m optimistic,” Albanese said in an interview with ABC Television Sunday. "What I see on the ground, whether it’s in Wangaratta or whether it be Shepparton or Sydney, or Brisbane, Melbourne, the places I’ve been — Hobart, Adelaide — in the last week have been extremely positive. The feedback is that when people have those conversations, they are willing to vote 'Yes.'”