McDonald's Japan said on Monday it would raise prices at 184 city center branches, equivalent to about 6% of its 3,000 stores, to help absorb higher rents and labor costs.

Until now, 40 stores in some city centers and special locations such as airports and motorway service stations had been subject to "city center pricing."

McDonald's Holdings Company Japan said the new pricing would start on July 19.

Many businesses have begun passing on to consumers the higher costs of imported energy and raw materials.

McDonald's, Japan's largest fast-food chain, has led the way with three price increases across all outlets since March 2022, including the latest one in January.

McDonald's said the latest round of hikes would range from ¥10 to ¥90 per item or set. The delivery price of a Big Mac would rise to ¥590 ($4.16) from ¥540, it said in a press release.

The yen has fallen to ¥141.81 against the dollar, from around ¥133 at the beginning of the year.