Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke IV was hospitalized Thursday after his manager found the performer collapsed in his family’s home in Tokyo and called the police. Ennosuke’s parents were found collapsed in a different part of the house by emergency responders. Both were later confirmed dead.

Investigators say the manager found the 47-year-old actor in the basement of the Meguro Ward home shortly after 10 a.m. A message resembling a suicide note was found nearby, and sources believe Ennosuke attempted to take his own life. He was conscious yet hazy when roused at the home and able to converse while being transported to the hospital. His parents were discovered lying face up in the living room on the second floor and reportedly did not have visible injuries. It is believed the three family members lived together.

Ennosuke’s mother, 75, was confirmed dead at the home, while his father, 76-year-old kabuki actor Ichikawa Danshiro IV, was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation.