Japan Post said Tuesday it will cease sales later this year of its aerograms and postcards that can be sent internationally for a low fixed price, amid falling usage in the digital age.

A Japan Post aerogram, sales of which will end in September | KYODO
A Japan Post aerogram, sales of which will end in September | KYODO

For years, the company's international aerograms and postcards have allowed senders in Japan to convey messages to people abroad for just ¥90 ($0.70) and ¥70, respectively.

Its aerograms, which are designed as a single piece of stationery that can fold into an envelope and hold attachments such as letters and photos, first went on sale in 1949.

Once sales end on Sept. 30, anyone with aerograms left over will be able to send them, provided they use stamps to pay the difference from normal international postage, the company said. The remaining international postcards can still be used as is.

Holders of the products will also be able to trade them in for stamps and other goods from Oct. 1, with the international postcards eligible for exchange until Nov. 30. A deadline for aerograms has yet to be set.

Japan Post also announced that from March 1, 2024, individuals sending mail to any country or region that is subject to customs checks will need to provide details in advance online.

Currently, the requirements only apply to some types of mail being sent to the United States, Europe and elsewhere.