A flurry of diplomatic calls between Beijing and European capitals shows how Chinese President Xi Jinping is trying to keep Russia’s invasion of Ukraine from dragging China into the center of another struggle for global supremacy reminiscent of the Cold War.

Xi spoke via video link Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, suggesting China would be willing to work with the two countries to mediate a solution. The summit follows Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s calls with top regional diplomats including Josep Borrell of the European Union and Peter Szijjarto of Hungary.

The outreach to Brussels was consistent with China’s approach before the war of courting stronger European ties to balance Washington’s efforts to build a more united front against Beijing and Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine has made that challenge more urgent, leading even some of Europe’s most dovish leaders to suddenly embrace U.S.-led sanctions campaigns and demands for greater military spending.