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Cumulative cases of dismissals and work contracts not being renewed due to the effects of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Japan stood at 60,439 as of Wednesday, labor ministry sources said Thursday.

The number of such cases in September has been growing around 50 percent faster than in August, suggesting that the country's job market is continuing to deteriorate.

The tally is based only on data collected through the ministry's labor bureaus and Hello Work public job placement offices around the country. As such, it is believed that the actual number is higher.

The cumulative number reached 10,000 in May and 30,000 in early July. It exceeded 50,000 only at the end of August, meaning that some 10,000 people were dismissed or did not have their job contracts renewed in less than a month through Wednesday.

In the seven days through Friday last week, the number of people who were dismissed from their jobs or whose work contracts were not renewed totaled 4,856, according to official data from the ministry.

In the week, the number of such people was highest in the dining sector, at 2,278, followed by the retail sector, at 1,443. Nonregular workers comprised over 80 percent in both industries.