The monthly fee for heavy mobile data usage in Tokyo of ¥8,175 ($76) for 20 gigabytes was the highest charged by major carriers in six of the more connected cities in the world as of March, a communications ministry report showed Tuesday.

The fee in New York, equivalent to ¥7,990, was the second highest among the six, which included London, Paris, Seoul and Dusseldorf in Germany. The lowest monthly fee — equal to ¥2,700 — was in London, according to the report.

As for data usage up to 2 and 5 gigabytes, New York's monthly charges were the highest at about ¥6,302 and ¥6,865, respectively, while Tokyo ranked second at ¥5,150 and ¥6,250. For all the categories of 20, 5 and 2 gigabytes, Seoul ranked third, followed by Dusseldorf, Paris and London.