Amid the growing spread of new coronavirus 2019-nCoV, universities and high schools approaching entrance exam season nationwide are setting out precautions for examinees, including allowing them to wear masks during the tests and reimbursing test fees if an infection prevents them from sitting their exams.

Chuo University in Hachioji, Tokyo, where approximately 86,000 people are expected to take entrance exams this month, plans to set up hand sanitizers in each of the rooms. Although there haven't been any inquiries at the university in relation to the new virus, the university posted on its website a request that those who have contracted an infection refrain from taking the exams. Chuo wrote that it did not intend to reimburse exam fees for those who cannot attend or arrange replacement exams, but that it encouraged participants to gargle, wash their hands thoroughly, and exercise general precautions in order to maintain their health.

The education ministry issued a request on Thursday to all public and private universities nationwide, asking them to consider showing flexibility through measures such as holding replacement exams.