SDF tops poll for trustworthiness as lawmakers and the media rank near the bottom


The Self-Defense Forces and medical institutions are the most trusted organizations in Japan according to a poll released Friday, while lawmakers were ranked at the other end of the spectrum, alongside the media and bureaucrats.

In the survey, conducted by the Jiji Press-affiliated Central Research Services Inc., respondents were asked to rank the three institutions or organizations that they wanted to see make efforts to improve public trust. Lawmakers were picked first, by 60.7 percent, leading bureaucrats by more than 50 percentage points. A total of 80.6 percent of respondents ranked lawmakers in their top three.

The nationwide survey, the 10th of its kind, was held from Oct. 4 to 14 and received valid responses from 1,204 people age 20 or older.

On a question asking respondents to evaluate the trustworthiness of institutions and organizations on a scale of one to five, with five being very trustworthy, the Self-Defense Forces were awarded the highest average, at 3.8.

Medical institutions followed with 3.7 and the police with 3.4.

Lawmakers were given the lowest average, at 2.5. Mass media and news organizations and the bureaucracy were tied at 2.6.

Asked to select two institutions or organizations that they think are closed off and slow in efforts to disclose information, 46.5 percent chose the bureaucracy and 43.5 percent selected lawmakers. The police were picked by 18.3 percent while teachers were chosen by 10 percent, up 5 points from the previous poll.

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