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An extratropical cyclone, downgraded from Typhoon Mitag, traveled east through the Sea of Japan on Friday, bringing powerful winds and stormy weather to the Hokuriku and Tohoku regions along the coast.

The Kanto-Koshin and Tokai regions also saw stormy weather as a result of the storm.

The Meteorological Agency issued a warning for mudslides, floods and overflowing rivers.

The agency said some parts of eastern Japan had downpours accompanied with thunder. A large swath of Hokkaido also received rainfall due to a low-pressure area and a separate stationary front.

Asago in Hyogo Prefecture and Shiraoi in Hokkaido saw 134.5 millimeters and 109.5 millimeters of rain, respectively, over a 12-hour period through Friday morning, while Kumano in Mie Prefecture and Fukuchiyama in Kyoto Prefecture had 105.0 millimeters.

Winds of up to 126 kph in the Hokuriku region and winds of up to 108 kph are expected in Tohoku through Saturday. The storm will generate rough seas with waves up to 6 meters in Hokuriku and 5 meters in Tohoku, the agency said.

Hokkaido may see up to 150 millimeters of rain in the 24-hour period through 6 a.m. Saturday, compared with 120 millimeters of rain expected for the Hokuriku and Tohoku regions.

Bad weather led to blackouts in some parts of Chiba Prefecture on Friday.

The prefecture was hit by Typhoon Faxai, one of the strongest on record, last month.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. is investigating whether the problems were caused by falling trees.

The outages affected about 2,200 households in Sammu and at least 500 households in Kimitsu, according to Tepco. Kamogawa and the city of Chiba also experienced outages, but power was restored to most of the affected areas by around noon.

On Thursday, the cities of Kochi, Susaki and Tosa on Shikoku saw 120 millimeters of rain per hour due to the typhoon, and in Kochi, rising waters from an overflowing river left 20 cars at a parking lot submerged Thursday morning, according to local authorities. No casualties have been reported.

One driver managed to escape after being trapped inside a car due to the flooding at the parking lot near a bridge. Another car was washed away near a different bridge in the city, but it is still not known whether anyone was inside, the authorities said.


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