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McDonald's Japan to keep prices the same for eat-in and takeout even after consumption tax hike


McDonald’s Co. (Japan) said Tuesday that it will unify tax-included prices for eat-in and takeout when the country’s consumption tax is raised from 8 percent to 10 percent on Oct. 1.

The decision was aimed at keeping things simple for customers, the hamburger chain said.

Beginning next month, a 10 percent consumption tax will apply to foods if they are consumed at restaurants or store eat-in areas. But the rate will be kept at 8 percent for foods purchased for takeout.

The move by McDonald’s, which boasts about 2,900 nationwide, could affect decisions made by rival chains.

The company will keep tax-included prices unchanged after the increase for about 70 percent of its menu items such as Big Macs and premium roast coffee. Prices for the remaining items, including the classic hamburger and cheeseburger, will be raised by ¥10.

McDonald’s also said about 2,000 of its outlets will join a government program to give points to shoppers who make cashless payments.

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