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Narita Airport to introduce self-service luggage check-ins


The operator of Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture unveiled to the media on Tuesday self-service machines to check in luggage that are slated to be introduced for passengers on international flights in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

A total of 72 units will be installed at the airport’s three terminals, according to Narita International Airport Corp.

The move is aimed at easing congestion. Luggage check-ins have previously been conducted by employees of airlines.

Passengers can receive a luggage tag with a barcode by placing their boarding pass over the machines. Passengers then wrap the tags around the handles or other parts of their baggage and put them on nearby conveyer belts.

The check-in process is completed when the machine reads the barcode and measures the shape and weight of the baggage. When luggage is overweight, passengers can pay additional fees at staffed counters.

The system is projected to cut down the time it takes to check-in by a third.

The airport will beginning by setting up 10 such machines at the south wing of Terminal 1 as early as this month.

Haneda airport has already installed self-service luggage check-in machines for passengers on domestic flights.

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