NTT to set up 1,300 Wi-Fi points at new National Stadium for Tokyo Olympics


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. said Thursday it will install 1,300 Wi-Fi access points at the New National Stadium, the main venue for the 2020 Olympics.

The telecommunications giant received the order for the project from the Japan Sport Council, which manages the stadium.

“We want to support the quadrennial games by preparing the world’s best Internet environment,” NTT said.

The company, which is one of the major sponsors of the Olympics, will also be in charge of establishing communications infrastructure and taking cybersecurity measures during the competition.

NTT plans to deploy 20,000 employees for the games, said Jun Sawada, NTT’s president and chief executive officer, at a news conference.

“The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympics is believed to have seen 12 billion cyberattacks. The Tokyo Games may see several tens of times more,” Sawada warned.