Japanese truck and bus maker Hino Motors Ltd. said Friday it will roll out a bus with technology capable of automatically stopping the vehicle if it senses something is wrong with the driver, the first introduction of such a system for a commercial vehicle in the world.

A camera will monitor the driver's posture to detect any unnatural positions, including the angle of the head or leaning heavily to one side.

The system stops the bus immediately if the driver is detected in an unusual position and not reacting when the vehicle crosses a lane marking while traveling at 60 kph or faster.

The S'elega model with the new technology will be released in Japan on July 1.

Buses produced by the Toyota Motor Corp. subsidiary are currently equipped with an emergency switch that the driver or a passenger can press to stop the vehicle.

According to the transport ministry, serious accidents caused by drivers suddenly faced with an emergency health condition while driving have been on the rise in recent years.