Advisory panel to Japan's Justice Ministry to discuss limits of parental disciplinary rights


Justice Minister Takashi Yamashita plans to ask the Legislative Council, an advisory panel, on June 20 to discuss reviewing parental disciplinary rights, sources with knowledge of the matter said Monday.

Some people have urged the government to review parental disciplinary rights, including a clause on such rights in the Civil Code, claiming that they are being misused as an excuse to justify child abuse.

A supplementary provision of legislation to ban physical punishments by parents calls for a review of parental disciplinary rights within two years of its entry into force. The Diet is expected to pass the legislation during its current session, which is set to end next month.

Whether to keep parental disciplinary rights in the Civil Code was discussed previously in 2011. A proposal to delete the relevant clause was dropped at that time for fear that parents would not be able to educate or take care of their children properly.