Farm products produced in Aomori Prefecture promoted at Paris trade event


A trade fair kicked off in Paris on Saturday to promote apples and other agricultural products from Aomori Prefecture.

“This is the first public relations event in Europe for Aomori-grown apples,” Ikuo Sasaki, vice governor of the prefecture, said during the opening ceremony.

“We hope this fair will provide chances for the prefecture to start exporting its agricultural products on a regular basis,” Sasaki added.

At the opening ceremony, bento lunch boxes filled with Aomori-produced agriculture and fishery products as well as apples and sake were provided.

The trade fair, scheduled to end on Dec. 20, opened at an antenna shop set by logistics firm Yamato Holdings Co. and Japan Airlines Co. in September to promote Japanese farm products.

A guest said Japanese fruits are more expensive than French-grown ones and should hopefully become less expensive.

Efforts will be made to offer high-quality Japanese farm products at reasonable prices, said Yutaka Nagao, president and chief executive officer at Yamato Holdings’ Yamato Transport Co. unit.