A snow crab caught in Tottori Prefecture earlier this month has been recognized by Guinness World Records as garnering the most expensive bid ever for a crab at auction, the prefectural government said Saturday.

The crustacean, which was caught in the port in the city of Tottori on Nov. 7, sold for ¥2 million ($17,700).

The crab, 14.6-centimeters in diameter and weighing 1.28 kilograms, was designated as a high-end Itsukiboshi crab, a classification that is based on size, weight, shape, color and the amount of meat it can provide.

The bidder was Tetsuji Hamashita, a fishmonger in the city. The crab was gifted to an exhibition facility in the city where it will live out its days.

"I hope everyone will remember the ¥2 million crab and come visit our prefecture," said Tottori Gov. Shinji Hirai at a crab promotion event held in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Saturday.