The percentage of university students with dating experience stands at around 70 percent, the lowest level since surveys by a sex education body began more than 40 years ago.

In the nationwide survey conducted in 2017 by the Japanese Association for Sex Education, 71.8 percent of male university students and 69.3 percent of female students said they had dated, while over 30 percent of both male and female students said they do not want to go out with anyone at present. The percentages of male and female students with dating experience had remained above 70 percent since the association started the survey in 1974. The previous lows of 73.4 percent for male students and 74.4 percent for female students were marked in 1974.

Male and female university students who said they were sexually experienced stood at 47 percent and 36.7 percent, respectively. Many of the respondents who lacked sexual experience said they did not have a partner or felt they were too young.